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Microsoft: Windows 7 Due In 2010

With Windows Vista out the door and its first service pack on the way, Microsoft has begun to focus on the road map for the future of its flagship operating system. The details are still extremely skimpy, but the company is beginning to discuss Windows 7, which is Microsoft’s internal code name for the next version of theWindows OS, with select customers and partners.

Since Vista’s release, Microsoft has been saying that the next version of Windows would appear significantly quicker than Vista did after XP’s release. To that end, Microsoft is still on track. “Microsoft is scoping Windows 7 development to a three-year time frame, and then the specific release date will ultimately be determined by meeting the quality bar,” the company said in a statement. However, earlier statements by Microsoft execs had put Windows 7 on track for release in 2009, while doing the math on the latest statement puts Windows 7 more in the 2010 time frame.

According to Microsoft, customers of the company’s Software Assurance plan, which provides buyers with upgrades and other enterprise services, are being specifically targeted with early information on Windows 7. As part of those discussions, Microsoft also is outlining the future of releases such as the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, which includes software tools like SoftGrid for desktop virtualization and Winternals’ recovery software.

Looks like another Windows ME to me. ME loved to crash and was fairly slow, and XP was released soon after as a recovery for Windows ME. I guess Microsoft has realized that Vista is unfixable, so they’re on their way to making a new, better Windows with less bugs than usual.

I guess I’ll stick to my Vista-like theme with XP Pro and my fake sidebar, until Windows 7 is out, hoping its something good.

As official Windows beta-testers in Egypt, we will have the chance to get a glance at the new Windows 7 as soon as the beta version is out by the end of 2008 as I assume, like we did with vista 2 years ago.

[ I’ll try to find more information about the new Windows, and update the post. ]


10 Things Fel Saree3…

1- Sirens concert, was a blast!! And we got interviewed by the Egyptian radio but they cut off my part and left Salah’s, and I was gonna loose my cell phone that day!
2- The next day we attended an Arabic Rap concert of El-Zero and we laughed our asses off!!
3- Genesis, our first song, is nearly done! We will start working on the second project soon!
4- I discovered that iPhones can be blended!
5- My Paint Brush software dissapeared!
6- The Ukranian embassy finally found out I’m not a threat to their national security!
7- I found Jawbreakers in Egypt! Run to the nearest Metro Market looool!!
8- Found Metallica’s newest song “Death Is Not The End”. A studio demo, Google and you’ll find its torrent.
9- Everyone’s addicted to Comatose by Skillet!!
10- Our band is growing! We’re in business! Genesis Out Soon!!!

Thats it, i don’t have brains to write more or give more details!


Infliktora – The Band

Infliktora is the biggest Metal project in Egypt so far! It will be the largest band, with the newest ideas and all-time originals. The band doesn’t cover songs because its like no other band.

Infliktora was formed in 2006 by Me (vocals, guitar) , Ahmed Fetait (vocals) and Salah Khalil (guitar), as a rock band. Then the idea went further, and as our music tastes changed the band became a Metal band. The band was still seeking further members, when in mid-2007 Ahmed Fetait had to drop out of the band to study in the UK.

Continuing without Fetait, I would meet salah at his home or at the studio and jam some ideas we had, as well as thinking to take the whole thing way further than we expected. We decided to include a female voice, a pianist, and a symphony part (violas, violins, cellos etc.) and we started looking. In October 2007, the band had 2 new members added, Moheb and Noura.

Moheb is the Pianist, the Producer and Arranger of the band, and he also fills in as a drummer, a bassist and a guitarist when needed, i.e. he’s a complete artist. Salah met Moheb at university and he introduced the idea to Moheb and he agreed right away. On the first day we 3 guys met together to jam at Salah’s house, we completed a FULL instrumental song, called Genesis. We headed to the studio right away to record it, but it needed some more working on its solos and drums.

Noura is the female vocalist of the band. Salah weirdly met Noura on facebook after they’ve attended Metal fest 2007. I met her for the first time at a studio and saw her performing Flyleaf covers and decided she’s the one! Salah talked to her and she was added to the band.

The band still needs a Bassist, a Drummer, a third Guitarist, and a violinist or 2.

The band will also be on temporary hiatus until August 2008, due to me traveling to Uk-zeft-raine… but the guys will keep working on ideas and Moheb will fill in for my parts until I’m back.

The band is currently finalizing the first track “Genesis” and will be working on the second song aka. “Project 2”, with me and Moheb filling in for the missing members.

Wait for Genesis to be released soon 🙂


One Day Full Of ______…

Since no one is reading my blog, I can still do what I want and say whatever I wanna say, so this is simply… today’s rubbish.

I’m in Cairo for vacation, and I happen to have a home thats big and furniture-less and I also happen to like staying there. So today was world cleaning and closing up day. I had to close up everything after I’ve stayed in it for a while this year, and pack up everything I used, and by the cool
Egyptian system, I also had to return the empty Pepsi bottles, but I didn’t, so I lost the 1 LE mortgage I paid to the guy 😦

The other thing, I had the weirdest experience in the Ukrainian embassy today… After proving that I don’t have AIDS (omg!! Yes I don’t!!!) and after a medical check up, and translating all my documents and shit to Russian and stuff… as well as the invitation from the university, I discovered that am a
threat to the Ukrainian society and security…
I assumed that, because they didn’t recieve some security clearance for me to apply for the visa!!!!

Anyway enough of the university crap, theres nothing to talk about…
Plus I came home and found some relatives, and had a little nice talk with one of them, and I got a sever EKTE2AB syndrome… Just like her 🙂

And now I’m stuck drinking Jamaica Pineapple Fanta, and yes… its good.


Bored And Sleepy…

Just stopped by to say that I am really bored, living in a day of my extended 5-month summer vacation this year, and today afasht with 2 of my best friends, and loved one more, and discovered some new people, as well as finding really old memories trapped on some facebook pages out there.

<< I just bought this necklace 2 days ago, and it really fits my mood right now, I’m never taking it off lol..!

So about the afsh, one needs to grow up because he has already lost most of the good people he knows, and the other needs to have a stronger personality towards her boyfriend, because she’s loosing everyone else.

And having less than 2 weeks before travelling to Ukraine (Kharkov State Medical University), things are getting more messed up everyday, and I don’t know how things will end up just before I leave, but I’m not really optimistic about that…

I’m also having really mixed feeling about someone, but its too stupid to even think of. i think I’ve already gotten over it just writing that right now!
Oh yeah, and Ramy Sabry rocks!

I’m still bored and sleepy, so adieus…


Get a Mac | 2007’s Most Successful Ad Campaign

Get a mac campaign by Apple Inc. won the 2007 grand award by Effie Awards. This Campaign by Apple with the two characters Apple and PC was successful in making a “buzz” by introducing the Mac and PC as a two different characters who always make fun of each others and introducing a new services that mac “can do better” than PC or those which the PC “doesn’t have”, in a funny way.

Despite iPod’s success, Mac remained a niche player in the computer market. In January 2006, the new Intel-based Macs were an opportunity to make Mac as culturally relevant as iPod, but Mac didn’t translate to the PC world. The idea: compare the easy, fun Mac experience with PC’s claimed frustrating complications. The ‘Get a Mac’ campaign personified each and the result was magic. A simple metaphor with all the reasons to get a Mac. Market share grew by 42%, Apple had record sales and the campaign was culturally influential.

This campaign influenced the computer users later by drowning an identity for the Mac users that they are the “cool” people, which also was reflected from the way Mac character was acting and also from his dress.

Some bloggers say: “It’s amazing how simple idea like this become very successful and affect the culture of users in a very strong way.”

Others, including me, belive that this campaign is as funny as it is untrue. Simply because, the PC, which is shown as a nerdy character makes uo to about 95% of the market, i.e. a slashing majority of the users, and they’re obviously not related to this character.

Let me give a rather simple but true example; Almost 98% of computer games are made for use on PCs only, and would not work on a Mac. About a hundred other features are available on a normal PC, and a Mac user would not dream of. This is exactly the reason why the latest Mac OS X Leopard has a new “weird” function, it allows the user to run Windows parallel to the Mac OS! Surprisingly, this is supposed to be an advantage! Well, not its not! Why don’t we get Windows in the first place if we wold really need it that much! I can’t seem to understand how those Apple people think, but they keep coming up with a stupid idea after another, and people who view themselves as “different” pursue their dream and go on using a Mac, thinking they’re become cooler humans!

Another reason is that when a real comparison is made between both systems, the results are always in favor of the PC, ALWAYS, so you just don’t go making up ideas and faults in other systems, and advertise! A message that needs to go on to Apple’e executives.

Advertising Agency who produced the ad is MEDIA ARTS LAB/TBWA

PS. This Blog is proudly made on a PC.

Happy Eid!!!

Happy Eid To Everyone!!

This is the first ever eid i spend in Egypt. I used to spend all both eids every year in Saudi Arabia, and now that I’m living in Egypt for the first time in my life, I spent Ramadan and now Eid in here. Its really a different deal in both countries, each with its tastes and stuff. I sincerely like Ramadan in KSA better, but eid will definately be better here, with all the friends and family and going out and all this stuff! 😛

Besides, those times always came while we were in school or something, but this year it came in my extended 5-month summer holiday!! (I’m not starting university until november!!)
So I guess thats why I’m weirldy happy about it this year 😀

Anyway, I just dropped by to congratulate everyone with eid, and thats it. Enjoy…

(Sam has left the place…)

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