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(Stick)RED is Here!!!

I just finished working on the new blog, for the new service we are making, called Stick(RED).
We make custom vinyl stickers, and now we make a sort of (Product)RED approached type, with similar branding, only that the revenue doesn’t go to The Global Fund, it is sent to local charities instead.

for more information and orders, please go to

(click on the picture to enlarge)


Makeover For The Blog. :)

I woke up today fairly late, no really late, at 3 pm… after having really weird dreams from last night. I woke up with the decision to do some changes to the blog pre-programmed in my head!! And I did..!

I decided to change the header, perhaps make it happier, and I altered some of the colors here and there to match the new stuff… I already got comments from people who saw it before this post, and…hmmm… they love it!!

Heres a Before/After pic…
I also changed the footer, which was blank Grey with the Windows logo only.
So, what do you think?


B for Bored As Hell!!!

Soo, being bored and really really tired of sleeping too much and having nothing to do in this screwed up holiday, as well has having multiple RSI injuries and backache from sitting all day on that desk with the laptop over it, I just have nothing to do (or say… apparently).

Anyways, heres some stuff:

1. I’ve been cited on because Mona liked the idea that I got “inspired” to do something from a blog entry she wrote earlier and stuff… Anyways if I wanna continue, I’d just be repeating what she said there, so why don’t you just go read what she had to say and the comment, and you’ll know what i wanna say…
Rebellious Arab Girl >> This Makes Me A Happy Blogger!

2. My back has been hurting for the past 2 weeks, and no matter what I do, even get off the computer/desk for a couple of days, didn’t help. I think I’m growing old, and I’m barely 18 yet!!! I need a doctor ๐Ÿ˜

3. Since I have no TV here, I started watching shows ac they’re scheduled in the US, and not a year later like we had back home, by downloading each episode as its out, so we (me and my friends) are lagging a day or two (download time :P). This can’t be good, because when I get back home I’ll stay for a whole year without Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, and Criminal Minds (if they show that back home to begin with) ; because I would have seen all those seasons already! This is worthless but I wanted to mention it for no reason.

4. I missed Beavis and Butt Head so much that I’m actually attempting to download some of its seasons, but can’t find all. I guess I’m gonna buy the DVD when I get back home. Amazon baby!!! Damn you MTV bring it back!!! (10 years late, I know but this show is irreplaceable!!)

5. As I have nothing to do, I think I’ll start the winter hibernation soon, but I have a problem. I have nothing to hibernate on, I have to go out daily for food, and I have no shows to watch while I’m hibernating! No supplies, no hibernation ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I guess thats it… for now..!
This was a really useless post!


We Miss Jeddah!!!

I’ve been in Ukraine for the past 3 months. I’m an Egyptian, and I was looking forward to starting university in Cairo, but what happened is that I have to spend my first year in Ukraine. I was born in Cairo but my parents went back to Jeddah like a month later, so technically I’m no different than people born there, and I’ve lived all my life there (y3ny born and raised min el a5er)…

I left Jeddah in the summer for the holidays, and since them I’ve never been back to that city, and I actually hated it when I was there. But I knew that we’d miss it some day, but i never knew this day would come this soon (maybe because I am living in a place way worse than Jeddah, and now I started to realize how good it was). But I still don’t think I’d miss it if I was in Cairo now.

So my friend Fetait and I, decided to make a video of all the places we used to hang out at, before we leave this city for good, and also cuz we were bored, we were the last 2 of our friends stuck in Jeddah for late through the summer, so we woke up some day at 7 am and decided to do it.

Anyways, so why am I telling this story? Because a couple of hours ago, I decided to make a short tiny clip of some bits and pieces of the video, and managed to reduce the time from 3 hours to 4 minutes, added a cool hip hop song about Jeddah, and youtube’d it ๐Ÿ™‚

Yeah its like a movie trailer or something, but its really nice… Check it out!

PS. If you wanna see the whole 3-hour video, well I don’t advise you, but if you really want it so badly, come up to me if you know me and ask for it, I have the DVD ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh and for the comments, please do that on the youtube page not here. I’d appreciate it. Thanks


Time For Some Rebellion!

Donโ€™t hold me up now,
I can stand my own ground,
I donโ€™t need your help now,
You won’t let me down, down, down!
— Prayer of the Refugee (Rise Against)

The greatest people I ever met are those who are willing to listen.
I couldnโ€™t agree more.

Thatโ€™s why I tend to like listening to people, – and I have been told Iโ€™m a good listener – hoping that I would get this favor back in return in my time of need, but Iโ€™m usually turned down. Now I only listen to the people who deserve, but even those, sometimes turn me down.

Sometimes its hard to find people to open up to and trust. Till this day, I havenโ€™t found someone who can do it, and till I do so (if I ever do), my blog (and personal diary) will be the only things I open up to.

I was checking my RSS feeds, and I came across a blog entry that reminded me of pretty much what I was feeling and thinking about, a couple of days ago.
This was my reply to her. She pretty much said all what I had to say, in her own way. Though we might have personality differences, she still got it right for me.

Some people are really not worth listening to, or giving any attention. They seem really nice and everything, and they might actually be nice people, but they just don’t know when to get involved, when to step in and help a friend in need. Actually, they don’t even think about it.

I wouldn’t say I’m not a people’s person, I am. I have contacts, not friends. Maybe Classmates, group mates, people I know from university, spend some time with them, and thats it. But for my friends, I’m a kind of selfish person. I’d have a small circle of friends around me, whom I share with a lot of things, and expect the same back. This never happens. I know people among my friends whom, if I disappear this very second, they’d ask once and then forget about it, and they probably know way more about me than I know about them. Call me naive, but thats how I am.

Most of the time, I get upset over that, but really, thats how it is and how everyone is. I just have some trouble accepting it. I expect everyone to listen to me, just the way I listen to them when they have problems, and expect them to do me favors just about as much as I do them, but it doesn’t really work that way. And if I stop being Mr. Really really nice, I’d feel they think of me as a rude person, because I’m either really nice of really rude, and balancing isn’t for me.

So what did I gain out of all that? A couple of really close friends (and yes, they turn me down too), and a handful of good friends, and a ton of people I only “know, and that pretty much is it.

I don’t know how to deal with it, and really I don’t need to deal with it. This doesn’t mean I’m wrong, it only means that I wont be needy anymore.
From now on, its Me, Myself and I. Thats how things should work from now on.

Thanks Mona for bringing this up ๐Ÿ™‚


Review: Yahoo! LaunchCast Radio + Ukraine Internet!

So, being the most bored person on Earth, I have actually given myself some time to try shit that I would have never thought of trying in my life, cuz they simply sounded lame. I mean, look at it this way, who the hell needs online radio by Yahoo! when I have Nile FM on my stereo system rocking all-day long? I haven’t finished my 5000+ song collection yet, my priceless 40+ Gigabyte (and increasing…) music collection, so who the hell cares about radio?

So heres the thing, I woke up at noon, stoned and literally “metbahdel” (really REALLY screwed up, in Arabic). So the first thing I do is check whether the internet is back, because the computer has been trying to connect to literally over a 1000 times since yesterday, and yeah, it succeeded after 1261 fails!! Viva la Ukrainian Internet!!

So, yeah its there, time to sign in to MSN (I’m really REALLY free and I’ve got nothing to do) and I just found a way to pass 6 subjects without writing a single exam, yeah baby, thats what I’m talking about!!!

So I sign in, and here comes Moheb (keyboardist and producer of m band, Infliktora) we chat for a little while and he says:

Moheb: I’m listening to yahoo radio, Btw it’s very good
Moey: Yahoo radio? fein da
Moheb: on yahoo music, just open and select any station you wanna listen to, its really nice. So I listen to him out of boredom, get in with Firefox, only to know that they don’t support it. In normal times, I’d close the whole thing and forget about it, but strangely this time , I opened my aging IE6 and tried again… chose the genres and launched it. Guess what, It’s AMAZING!

Some quick stuff about it:
– It plays random music of the artists/genres you choose to make “my station”
– Or simply choose a themed station to listen to.
– Normal users get an ad every 4-5 songs, which normally sounds cool and lasts for only 15 seconds, beside a constant weird ad on the side for other Yahoo! services.
– Normal users also get to skip 5 sings per hour, but paid subscribers can skip all they want!
– It DOESN’T take time to load or buffer, and I am surprised! I am using the most screwed up connection you can ever imagine, and it still works smoothly with me, with no skips ever!
– The music quality is OK, think of it as actually listening to a tuned radio. Of course, high quality is available for paid users.

But Ads aren’t annoying at all, in fact, I like them. They remind u of real radio stations ๐Ÿ™‚

So, in the end, it earns a clean rating of 9/10… and I actually closed my Windows Media Player, and sticking with Yahoo! for now ๐Ÿ™‚
Feels like randomness, doesn’t it?!

So give it a shot, I recommend it. A little (or really) late, or something… I don’t care!


Another Great Discovery!! (Farewell)

Another day… another new discovery. The sad part is that I always discover stuff, but can’t do anything about it. Take that for example, in the next few days I might end up in Jeddah again! Yes, JEDDAH! Why, because I’ve been in weird situations, that I’ve had enough, but yet, I have to suffer more and end up where I started again, even further away…

Yes, another discovery, another Moey, and another pile of shit I need to put up with. Getting orders, and obeying rules, I’m so sick of it! Rules Are Made To Be Broken, for God’s sake!!! Jeez, somebody give me a break!! (without a KitKat)…

Yeah but I guess I’ll be back to all the shit I forgot about, Showtime, MTV, Burger King, Fudd’s, Chili’s, and I shouldn’t be counting anymore, this coult take ages yeah its all about TV and food, cuz thats what I’m missing here. Not dating, not friends, but all the crappy shit that we like for no reason.

I’m gonna miss the weird squad I’ve been living with here… although I’ve only known them for about 3 months, I’ve felt like I’ve known them for years. Only God knows whether I’ll ever meet that bunch as it is, ever again, but who knows… maybe…

I’ll miss you guys…
– Samy/Don Sam (all time buddy and ma man)
– Hind/The Guardian (my lil big sister, ta7ya masr!)
– Aman/YA MAN! (Groupie :P)
– Inder/Indeeer (the host, and always to the rescue)
– Mustaffy/Stiffy (no comment! All-time free guy, the Party starter, and ender :D)
– Prateik/Patrick (Mind of a Blondie!!! But the most thoughtful, and generous… rmmbr that stuff u did on Christmas.., amazing!)
– Maisa/Persian Head (seriously, I can’t explain, just always there when I need you! – and when I don’t… :P)
– Dorra/DoUdOu/Koki/Batata (the one with me 24/7, its gonna be hard leaving my companion ๐Ÿ˜› – and I’m never taking advice from u again hehehe)
– Mariam/Fellow Metalhead (rock on! \m/ Fourthie!)

I dunno what to say, but seriously Ukraine would have been different without u guys…
Anyways I might not end up leaving Ukraine that soon, who knows I still got a couple of days before knowing… So if I happen to stay, u guys better give me some credit (and free chips and coke) for all the cool shit I just said ๐Ÿ˜› Or u guys are screwed hahahahahaha…

I’m keeping all the memories, thats all what I’ve got… Movies, parties, gatherings, the videos, Kisha the cat (that bastard!), Cooking Fridays, New Year’s, Patrick’s syndrome and Samy’s syndrome, Barabashova and the Vietnamese rest., Studentska, etc…etc…etc…
OMG I have so much memories with u guys in such a short time…

But IF I actually leave, try to remmember any good thing about me, that you came to know in the short time I’ve lived with u guys, and forget anything screwed up I ever did…
Especially Aman, I’m sorry for anything I ever did…

So I guess the final call will be soon… Lets hope for the best…

Coming Up Next:

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