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Egypt Supplying All of Gaza’s Electricity.

Egypt is working on a plan with the Palestinians to supply all the besieged Gaza Strip’s electricity needs and wean it off its reliance on Israel for power, an Egyptian energy official said last Thursday.

Earlier this month, Israel began reducing its supply of electricity to the Hamas-ruled coastal strip after the High Court of Justice ruled that doing so would not cause a humanitarian crisis. Israel’s plan includes gradually reducing the electricity supply by small increments, in efforts to pressure the Hamas government to prevent Qassam rocket fire from the Strip into southern Israel. So far, Israel has supplied most of the electricity utilized in Gaza.

Under the plan, Egypt – which already supplies a part of Gaza’s electricity – would increase the number of power lines linking it to Gaza and provide Palestinians with some 250 megawatts, said Izzat Ibrahim, a senior official of Sinai’s National Electricity Power Company.

“This capacity is considered as an alternative power for that Israel used to supply,” Ibrahim said.

He said Egypt’s Electricity Ministry is preparing a study with President Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority on financing the project and providing equipment to Gaza. The project would take at least six months to implement, he said, though he could not say when it would start.

An official at the ministry confirmed that Egypt was exploring means of providing all of Gaza’s electricity needs. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the press, would not give a timeframe for the project.

Ten of the 17 power lines supplying Gaza currently come from Israel, five from a local power plant and two from Egypt. Gaza’s consumption increases by about 10 percent a year, and the strip currently needs about 240 megawatts.

The chief of Abbas’ Palestinian Energy Authority said Tuesday that the Palestinian Authority hoped to connect more areas of the Gaza Strip to the Egyptian grid. The official, Omar Qattaneh, said the authority has secured financing from the Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia for the $32 million (22 million euro) project. He said bids would be published in the coming days, and the project could be completed in 12 to 18 months.

The proposal would bolster Abbas’ claim to represent Gaza. Abbas now rules from the West Bank and wields little control over the Hamas-held Gaza.

Hamas spokesman Taher Nunu also praised the plan, despite the lingering tensions with Abbas’ government. “We welcome any project that links us to our Arab brothers and ends our relations with the occupation,” he said, referring to Israel. Hamas officials had also raised the idea of boosting power supplies to Gaza with Egypt, he said.

On Wednesday, Jordan began supplying electricity to the town of Jericho in the West Bank for the first time since Israel seized control of the territory during the 1967 Six-Day War. Israel has provided power to the West Bank since then.

Way to go Egypt, KSA, and Jordan.


Riot !!!

If you feel, so empty, so used up, so let down,
if you feel, so angry, so ripped off, so stepped on,
you’re not the only one, refusing, to back down,
you’re not the only one, so get up!

if you feel, so filthy, so dirty, so fucked up
if you feel, so walked on,, so painful, so pissed off,
you’re not the only one, refusing, to get down,
you’re not the, only one, so get up!


“Riot” from Album “One X” by Three Days Grace

Just what I needed to hear and say now. The only problem is that I can’t start a riot on my own. Trying to rebel now won’t do me any good. So I guess I might have to keep it all in me, and pretend its all OK, and live like a happy man until its all over and I get back home, and THEN… It will all change, nothing will be like before. If so far nothing has ever been perfect for me, it will be the time to set things straight, because I am so sick of everything right now.

Although a part of me is satisfied, and another part of me worried, but I’m still ANGRY!!!!

PS. This is an uncensored blog, in case you didn’t notice the huge Explicit Content label on your left, I wasn’t joking!! So basically I’m saying whatever the fuck I want 🙂


Arabian Kinghtz Rap It Out!

OK, so I hate rap and hip hop music, i seriously can’t stand it. I also dislike most of the Arabic music, with some exceptions. Anybody who has met me for a day will know that about me. But I seriously can’t help liking this song!

Arabic Rap/Hip Hop… yes, its the combination of my 2 hatreds!
With good lyrics, nice music, and a good record deal, those guys have a lot to offer.
Its a group called Arabian Knightz, and this is their new single called “Fokkak” (in Egyptian slang means forget about it, or “whatever”)…

Straight Outta Cairo” under the motto “ARABS STAND UP” with good/meaningful lyrics about how Arabic music has become a JOKE, and that really talented people can’t find their way anymore, with a nice beat by the Egyptian DJ Fredwreck (the MTV Arabia DJ), this turned out to be something nice! This has gone out of the line from the usual Arabic Rap which is basically about… NOTHING! I could actually consider buying the CD when its out.

The song features Lana singing the chorus, and the video features a weird guest appearance (or should I call it sudden pop-up) of the actor “Ahmad AlFeshawy” wearing their AK gear and all… Hady El bagoory has also done a good job on the video, simple, sleek and nice.
They have been featured on many TV shows and on most of Egypt’s magazine covers, those guys are a boom! I also heard the song on Nogoom FM in the late summer. They have also performed live in Cairo with Outlandish, and it was amazing! (I can’t believe I’m saying that!)

They have charted among the top 10 in Egypt from the first week of release, and looks like many others are succeeding, and finally a new genre has emerged in Egypt.

Rapper “E-Money”‘s former group Asphalt and Y-Crew rapper “Omar Boflot” are participating in the competition “HipHopNa” on MTV Arabia.


You might wanna check them out, they -strangely- make me proud!
Arabian Knightz Facebook Page
Arabian Kinghtz – Official Website
Videos of Arabian Knightz on Youtube


Internet Cutting Everywhere

I have been out of internet for 2 days now, because my month subscription is over and I need the “big boss” type of guy to be available in the hostel because I wanna upgrade my speed, and I’m just waiting for him to show up… I’m using Doudou’s internet now (thx ya 2amar) and I know Dana is gonna get pissed off, I KNOW (lol)… But sorry hunny, you’re gonna have to live with it 😛

Anyway it has been hard for me, and made me sleep early… ME… SLEEP… EARLY!!!! WTF!
So I have been told that the mighty Dima (a GUY!) is coming tomorrow, so he better show up this time or I will need to hunt the bastard down!!! HaHa…

And speaking of internet going off, EVERYONE in Egypt is getting a month of free internet after the underwater internet cables are repaired (in about a week from now) because of the losses they had to encounter because of the slow internet service they have been experiencing. This was announced a couple of days ago by the Ministry of Telecommunications in Egypt.

It is worth mentioning that the on the second day of interruption in Egypt, all connections were diverted to alternate routes, including 3 of the 6 (6 or 7, not sure) satellites that Egypt owns and extra underwater cables. This lead to the internet service coming back to 100% of the users within 3 days of the problem, but with a slower speed. The Minister has also requested people to stop downloading movies, mp3, and other large files until the problem is fixed, and giving priority to businesses first.

The cut has affected many of Egypt’s business sectors, including its huge Call Center industry, and similar losses were incurred by India. Internet remained cut in other countries served by the cable which passes through Egypt from the Mediterranean, such as Dubai (especially to DU users), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Jordan. It has come back to most of those countries some days later, after using alternate connections.
Another cable passing through the same area, owned by Verizon (USA) and an Indian company, that also served the same countries was also broken, and they were ordered to fix it.

The cause of the incident is still unknown, but hey, that was a sweet move from the ministry, and I need my Internet NOWWW!!!!


Johhny Rockets in Egypt!

I was checking moey’s blog ( – yeah same name – and he had a post about how much a milkshake at Johnny Rockets was amazing, and I know JR from long ago, and its burgers, and I’ve missed them because unfortunately it was never open in KSA or Egypt (yet)…

So I followed the link he had to their website, and I checked on the locations page, and they had Egypt on the list, I was WTF!! Opened the page and they said its opening soon at City Stars!!!

This is just AMAZING!!! I just love City Stars more! Other than Stars Center being ranked the 12th largest mall in the world, and if u add the City Stars complex to it, it jumps to number 2, preceded by some mall in China… and being the largest in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, I love the combination of stores in it! It has virtually EVERYTHING! And I can’t wait for Johnny Rockets either! I hope it would be open by the next holidays I get 🙂

Its opening soon in Riyadh, KSA too!!! CAN’T WAAAAAIT!!!!!!

– Info About City Stars: and the dozen ads of City Stars mentioning how massive it is, and making it the “Capital of Cairo
– Info About Johnny Rockets: and


Xerox Rebrands (finally)

Xerox Corp. unveiled a new logo last week intended to scuttle its old image as a photocopier manufacturer and highlight its software, color printers and other technologically updated products. “There has been a perception gap in the marketplace,” said Richard Wergan, vice president of worldwide brand marketing and advertising at the Norwalk-based office equipment manufacturer. “Xerox is still perceived incorrectly as a copier company. We do not make copiers.”

The all-capitalized corporate name in red, which has been in service in different versions for 14 years, has been replaced with a lowercase version. It also sports a red sphere marked by a white “X” laced with silver stripes.

I think that they could have rebranded by only changing the font, without the weird X sphere. With me?
These days, its the simpler the better, not because making 3D has become the easiest thing to do nowadays. People should have sense when spending billions on dollars on brand names and images.

Still better than the MasterCard rebranding though, which looked like someone has been playing alot with layers on photoshop for no reason!

Coming Up Next:

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