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Egyptian M3assel (معسّل) In Ukraine!

WOW! They have me3assel El Brince is UKRAINE!!! (no I can’t say El Prince, cuz its not written like that lol)… Me3assel is the shisha tobacco, in case you didn’t know!

And its for about 9.5 EGP… compared to ~1.5 back in Egypt!! Hahahah! No wonder all Ukrainians love shisha (aka Hooka/Kalian)!!! And they even have the warning printed in Russian on the pack! (Its not a sticker, its in the original packaging!)

Wow, I’m reviewing smoke now! No I’m not. Its just a funny fact! And thats what we export to them lol. At least we DO export something aside from cotton and Pharaohs!! :S


Where is my blog going?

Where is my blog going? A question I had to ask myself at some point.

I’m not gonna talk about hits and stuff, because they’re maintained and not bad. But thats not the case here, its about me and what I’m getting from that blog. I don’t feel that I’m doing what I originally made this blog for. I wanted to write what I feel, and express myself without any judgment. A place where I can tell anyone to fuck off.

I also wanted to make it more interesting, because too personal is too boring and stupid. I mean, how many people will actually care to read stupid details that I wanted to put down… 5? 10? I wanted to mix things together, put some interesting shit, along with my personal posts.

What actually happened? I’m not getting personal on the blog, because whatever is happening with me now is way too private to be put online, and many people I know already read the blog, so its gonna be rattling myself out. And for the interesting stuff, well, I’m in Ukraine and absolutely nothing interesting is going on here. Unless its too private! You get what I mean!

So what am I gonna do about this blog? I got it. I guess I’m gonna go personal as much as I can in here, until I get back to Cairo in a few weeks and actually do or see something worth mentioning here. Another thing is that even if I get personal, theres not much going on here anyways. Its just a stupid Russian routine. Useless!

So I think you will notice some difference in here, IF I even post anything for the next few weeks.
I have no idea what’s gonna happen on these pages in the near future, but for now, I have to go work on a couple of things on Photoshop.


Hilarious Profiles!

I’m still laughing at this shit till now!
Some weirdo added me on facebook (but this time it was a guy), so I chucked him into my Super Ultra Limited profile (ie. he has nothing more to know about me than if we weren’t friends anyway) and I was checking out who the hell it is, cuz maybe I know him or something.

He had the “All About Me” application added, and I have it too. Its a series of questions about yourself, its an extended profile sort of thing. I either answer the questions normally or if its lame I put an obviously funny answer in there, that won’t be mistaken for a true one.

So I was reading and I found this weird stuff in there, and I wanted to share it…
I’m only putting down the funny stuff, and things that won’t eventually lead to his identity (but just for the record, he’s Saudi…) And my comments are in italics.

Political Views: no idea (no wonder!)

Profession: college (seriously!! OMG!)

Relationship Status: friendlly (hahahahahahaha)

Favorite Hobby: drowing (huh!! I love to drow…)

Favorite Song/Singer: bigg girl dosn’t cry (favorite song but you can’t even write its name down right)

Favorite School Subject: inglish (apparently it was, thats why you’re so good at it…)

Favorite Food: see food (naa… I like blind food, so much better!)

Favorite Animal: dog (bit ball) (does that breed even exist?)

Favorite Store: the old man with his son (I’m sure they got great stuff at competetitive prices!)

Favorite Childhood Memory: when i was in school (yeah when he once went there)

Getting down to the real problem. I hate typos (as much as I do them myself) and I had bad English. If you don’t know it, don’t freakin use it! I mean, come on!! Oh and by the way, he’s supposed to be a rapper/hip hopper… in ENGLISH! And I wish his problem was only English, its everything else in that list lol.

Anyways I was annoyed but entertained lol. Now I can remove him from my list and rest in peace. 🙂

(Theres a review on Facebook chat coming up soon. Behold.)


No More Old Cars In Cairo!

(all images are in high quality. click to enlarge for a better view)

All those Fiat 128 drivers are fearful of rumored new legislation banning cars over 20 years old from Egypt’s roadways.

Fear not: Word on the street is that some workshops would be able to change the car’s engine and chassis plate number (which includes the production year); that and a little grease on the inspector’s palms would give a classic car the green light. But this won’t work for too long because they can’t make a drastic change to the production date, so most of them will die out in the next 5 years.

Some garage gossips are claiming that only taxis will be subject to the 20-year-old vehicle ban and even then only in the capital — an unhappy thought for the black-and-white brigade. There are 50,000 B&W taxis on the streets of the capital today. Many are over 30 years old and are visibly dented from multiple collisions. (Note: the B&W taxis in the photos right here are in the best condition you could possibly find. You would be lucky to find one of those!)

So, will the black & white taxis finally go into extinction? I was trying to imagine Cairo only with the new cool yellow cabs! Those, on the other hand, are getting upgrades. Being on the roads for around 3 years now, and never going old, I personally never saw one with a scratch so far. They already print out a receipt with the details of the fare at the end of the journey, and have sensors that spot the driver if he attempts to add more passengers, or travel without using the meter (you know… Egyptians!), but soon they will be getting brand new GPS tracking systems, to complete the package! How great is that, especially for tourists?!

I personally like the new legislation, even if it was only for taxis. Even better, if this was for all vehicles. Oh what a happy, less polluted place would Cairo be! I think its about time Cairo looked even MORE decent!



Lost In Translation

I don’t know why, but I’ve had a weird obsession with Arabic for the past few days… I even had some Arabic posts and post titles.
Anyways, those are some Arabic and English words lost in translation.
This made me laugh so hard when I first read them I almost shit my pants…

مقبلات ‎= Kissers
مقلوبة ‎= Upside down
جوز هند ‎= Hinds Husband
معمول بالجوز ‎= Made in husband
قمار‎= Moons
مكتب المراجعات ‎= Vomit office
لم أهرب قط ‎= I never escaped a cat
يتقبل ‎= To be kissed
السلطة المطلقة ‎= Divorced salad
خطر على بالي ‎= Danger on my mind
لا يمت لي بصلة ‎= He does not die to me an onion
كفيل ‎= Like an elephant
جوزين جوارب ‎= Two husbands of socks
إنه أمي ‎= He is my mother
حقك علي ‎= Your price on me
خليها على حسابي ‎= Keep it on my mathematics
سعيد كتب كتابه على فيفي ‎= Happy wrote his book on In In
حباب ‎= Loved a door
دستور يا أهل الدار ‎= Constitution home parents
قدر ظروفي ‎= Evaluate my envelopes
ليش يابعد عمري ‎= Why after my age
ظروف قاهرة ‎= Cairo envelopes
راحت عليك ‎= She went on you
من هون لهون ‎= From here to here
يستر على عرضك ‎= Cover on your wide
طبيب عصبية ‎= A doctor on a young girl
أنا أدفع الحساب ‎= I push the mathematics
إحسب حسابي= Calculate my calculations


بنحبك يا مصر…

They say: “You never miss your water till the well runs dry”
EXACTLY the case of every single Egyptian on Earth. We just don’t realize how great of a place to be it is, until we leave for some time. And since I am feeling extremely homesick now, thats a little something I wanna share…

مايعرفش قيمتها غير اللي يبعد عنها…
و سلام…



What does my brithday mean?

Something I got from Maisa on Facebook…
Its supposed to be what my birthday means…

You often have problem in promoting yourself, just because you don’t know how to express your true self. On the other hand, you don’t really care what they think. This is why people misunderstand you until they really get a chance to learn about your pleasant personality. Opposite sex find you mysterious and worth searching. Your wit is remarkable but sometimes you are too fast to follow. Your Love, You won’t reveal your feeling even after dreaming about the same guy over and over. Your first love lasts forever. You are responsible to the feeling of your lover. The chance to betray your lover is none. You have luck with children.

Well, if they say so… lol
And this, people, would be me 🙂
Isn’t it so true..?

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