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New Licence Plates Update. (Egypt)

Update: The new car license plate in Egypt are out!! They’re cool!
For the original post Click Here

I got a real life photo!!

And the original photos released by the ministry of transport…


Toys R Us & Plug-Ins Eletctronix in Cairo!

Remember the post about the Cairo Festival City? Well, good news, among the opening in it will be Plug-Ins Electronix and Toys R Us… Finally!!!

Yes, finally! A good place to buy some electronics in Cairo (not saying that B-Tech and Radioshack are bad) but Plug-Ins owns. And of course, TOYS! I mean, I need a new skateboard, do I have to go to KSA everytime I need one? Hell no, cuz Toys R Us is opening hahahaha…

I will be updating everything about it as soon as I know. More new openings in Cairo, I’m going nuts!!

Update: Toys R Us already opened 2 small stores in City Stars and Arkadia.


Going Back. End of an Era.

With well under 4 days away from me leaving Ukraine forever and going back to Egypt, I am psyched! I can’t wait. I already packed my suitcase and everything..!!!

But again, my usual issue with leaving, is that I remember how much I will miss those folks up here, the best friends I ever had for a long time, if not in my entire life. Wait, no, they are the best bunch of friends I ever had in my life. Especially the ones I was really close to, Patrick, Maisa, and Samy. And by “close” I meant that I was technically living in those guys rooms.

They say you never know the true person until you have lived with them, or traveled with them abroad. Well, here we are, I have lived with them for almost my entire time here, and we are abroad, and not just away from home, we’re in the shittiest country you can ever imagine, Ukraine! Yes, I figure if Ukrainian people ever stopped by to read my blog I would be hunted down and killed, but that’s the truth to me. Kharkov is a shit-hole, and that’s my humble opinion (along with almost everyone here, if not all).

So apart from the whole Ukraine issue, I can’t wait for the moment I get off the plane and smell the breeze of Cairo. They say every country has a smell, and I think that’s true. I know that there is a distinct smell for every country, I remember them really well (although I do have a crappy memory)…

I really remember how Amsterdam smelled, and how Paris, London, and Edinburgh smelled too. And of course, Egypt (the best smell in the world), and Saudi Arabia.
And don’t think that by the smell of Egypt I mean the car exhausts and the pollution of the big city, you can find those in virtually everywhere in the world, take London for an example lol. Or by the stupid humidity that covers up almost everything in Jeddah. No, I meant that this smell is the first thing you smell when you get off the plane. Yep! That one!

I can’t wait, I really can’t!!!

One more thing, to everyone that I know here in Ukraine, this is the last week for me here, and just in case we never meet again, Stiffy, Hind, Inder, Canada, Shasha, Tooks, El Gordito, Chio, Kelly, Dardour, Loushyy, Aman, and everyone else I know here, you guys were the best. Thanks for making this not as shitty as I expected, I have no idea how I would have survived here if it weren’t for you guys.


I am selling my blog for 1,012,930

I was checking out my RSS feeds when I found that Mona had a new post saying that she would sell her blog for $ 177,530! So I checked it out and found that there is a tool that determines the value of your blog. So I gave it a shot, and here’s what I got…


How much money is your blog worth?

My blog is actually worth 1,012,930!!! Which is very weird because I don’t have half her traffic, comments, ads, or even revenue. I barely make any money off this blog! So how the hell did I get that ranking? I have no clue what-so-ever. And my Alexa ranking is relitavely low at 10,10043,493 and my Google ranking is 3/10…

Anyways if you are willing to purchase the blog, I would sell it! For that price you would get my blog, and I’ll give you my trademarks, my laptop, and maybe even my car!!

I wonder how much it will be worth when the Infliktora show is up and running..! We’ll see…


The Infliktora Show: Live! Sundays 5PM GMT (8PM Cairo)

This is a test for my live broadcast that will be on air shortly, in a matter of weeks. Please don’t mind doing anything, just send me feedback on the video, the quality, etc. Comments are closed, email me with the feedback at

The Infliktora Show: Live! Sundays 5 PM GMT (8 PM Cairo)


Virgin Megastore opens in Sharm El Sheikh

“Virgin Megastore in Sharm El Sheikh?” I hear you ask.

Yes! To our delight, this global brand’s second largest Egyptian store has opened its doors in Il Mercato Mall, Hadaba. Still only in its soft opening stages, with plans of a mega party in July, both this store’s out and indoor design is extremely impressive.

Yes, outdoor! The store has an outdoor section! With an extensive range of DVDs, CDs and a great book collection, along with a wide assortment of MP3 players, iPods and their accessories, other merchandise and electronics; you’ll need some time to browse through it all.

This three leveled store has listening booths playing the latest chart topers and will soon have a café and reading area, providing both residents and tourists with the perfect place to relax while shopping.
Watch out for extraordinary window displays, special events, promotions and fun competitions!

One of the first events its hosting, is DJ Sultan’s album signing on June 13th.
Click Here for more info.

Virgin Megastore is the start of a new fantastic shopping experience in Sharm El Sheikh.
Virgin Megastore, Il Mercato, Um El Sid, Hadaba
Tel: +2 069 3662072

Il Mercato is the lastest shopping mall in Sharm El Sheikh. Different from the bazars and papyrus stands available there, delivering the oriental taste to tourists, Il Mercato is a full fledged shopping mall home to big brand names such as Adidas, Virgin Megastore and recently Mothercare, with an extended list of leading brands opening soon, Il Mercato supplies great quality products to people living here or on a holiday in Sharm el Sheikh.

It also includes the usual, a wide selection of restaurants and cosy coffee shops… What’s weird is that you can’t tell whether its an indoor our outdoor mall, its a weird mix!

It was also home to the latest show for the band TATU in Sharm last month.
So now you dont have to head to Cairo or Alexandria to shop till you drop, because everything is brought to you here in Sharm!



Unused $$$ Notes!!

I want a couple of the last notes… just two notes and I’ll be fine!! Haha!
Unused US$ notes… Click to enlarge…

Coming Up Next:

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