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New Concert: Metal Accord is Back!

Yes! We’re cookin up Metal Accord’s comeback concert… Metal Accord IX is gonna be different, gonna be in the desert like the old times, and its gonna be huge!!!

And guess what, its on Halloween!! I’ll be revealing more details as soon as I am authorized to do so, but for now… I wanted to leave you with the flyer, it would have been the only piece of useful information in this post, but I can’t for now… Not until its approved by the organizing team…

Its not far away, you won’t be waiting much…


Welcome Back?

I haven’t been blogging for ages. I don’t’ need to mention why but I will, simply becuase I have been having so much fun! No time to blog since I left Ukraine! traveled to Egypt, KSA then back to Egypt, and everyday has been full to the maximum! I enjoyed this summer like never before…

A lot of stuff has happened, yeah, SHIT LOADS! Will I go on and list them all or mention them, probably no. I’ll resume blogging from now on, about now and the future. A lot of stuff to be said, one lonely blog, and one blogger that over thinks everything. Welcome back to the world of INFLIKTORA.

I’m thinking of a re-design, not sure about it yet. Stay tuned for there are a lot of stuff going on =)


More Words, Less Money??

I haven’t been free all summer to write anything, although a lot of stuff is going on and happening around me, I don’t find the time or energy to put anything down.

Now this is a guest post by my friend Ahmed Fetait. This is the first time he makes sense, and that’s why I’m posting it here.

I’m not really related to business administration related issues like market researches and stuff like that, but I actually managed to randomly do one !

What causes a seller to raise prices when selling something? and what causes a person offerin services like a plumber or a taxi driver to raise prices on some people but shut the fuck
up when dealing with some one else ??

I always thought it would be awesome for me to learn simple tips when dealing with some one I never met before.. how to react to all possible reactions of this person.. a simple word would sometimes help u win a loosing battle.. understanding how a brain works seemed to decrease the chances of being ripped off by assholes, randomly convince someone to buy something, convince a police man that ur blind enough to see 80 as 60,decrease the
number of females coming to u and asking u out then rejecting u the next day, and even getting an idea that makes u a 100 SR from no where !!

I never lived in Cairo, but I ve been there a lot.. it was too late for me to discover that I havent seen the pyramids until I was 17, so I once decided to go there , see them and even take a photo with the camels over there .. one thing I had to put into account is where exactly those pyramids are located, and how can I get there..(with the least physical effort and the least amount of money to be paid on stuff like taxis..)..

I am a proper Egyptian with a proper Egyptian accent, tried stopping taxis to get me there and noticed something:

1. Only 40% of the taxis agreed to negotiate a price and take me there
2. 100% of this 40% wanted me to pay 50 pounds to get there (this is a lot
for an egyptian citizen ..)

My fat brain wasn’t really convinced with the idea of paying this amount of money for a non-air-conditioned taxi .. thought I should change the way of asking the taxi.. like saying “take me to the building xxx in street yyy near the pyramids” and not “take me to the pyramids ! ” .. which actually worked !! I had to pay like 30 pounds only.. re-adjusting my way of speaking with the driver made him interpret me as a poor citizen and not a rich tourist who is willing to pay any sum of money..

Yesterday I kept staring at my phone and noticed that , although it was clean, expensive, had a good camera, and had a huge memory, I HATE IT.. its fat, ugly, slow and boring..
What am I waiting for ? Its still a new one, so if I sell it it should make some good
money that I can use to get a nicer phone… yalla beena .. I went to a mobile mall in Jeddah .. saw a guy who stared at me, smiled, and called me to go to him.. the guy agreed to buy the phone.. i didnt really have an idea about what other phone i would get instead .. and normally the guy noticed that, showed me a lot of the new ones, and told me that I could just ex-change my ugly one with the one i like.. sounds good ? but the guy seemed dodgy .. i just didnt wanna buy from him just like that.. i went to around 3 other shops and had a good idea about the phone prices .. went to the the last one who agreed to exchange the phones and give me a 100 SR cash back .. AND went and got me a drink!!!! Why ? I dunno .. I think its just simple maths.. it sounds cooler to go to the seller and tell him “I wanna buy a t650 Sony Ericsson” and not ” i wanna buy a Sony Ericsson, which ones are cool?? ” ..

The human brain is working in some complex way ..sometimes u need to talk more to get more still trying to understand body language better, cuz i have one new aim .. i wanna marry the singer Elissa !! Any hints anyone ????

I have a hint… take any chick from any street (preferably Lebanese so have a constant base) to Elissa’s plastic surgeon and apply the template… Tadaaaa!

Dude, I salute you!!

Coming Up Next:

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