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Remember Scarab? They Made It!!

Yes! I wrote a post earlier about Scarab, the death metal band representing Egypt in the United We Rock Battle of the bands for their chance to play at “With Full Force Festival 2009” in Germany and at Dubai’s “Desert Rock Festival ’09″…

Well, the made it! They won the battle and are going to perform at both those festivals.

I’m sure every metalhead in Egypt is proud of them, and they’re pretty big here in the metal scene. They will make us proud internationally, and will bring out Egyptian metal music to the world!

Best of luck Scarab!

Check out United We Rock Battle’s Website with the news! (and some of their best music)

Also check out Scarab’s Myspace and Facebook Page

For more info about Scarab, check out Spotlight on Scarab by The Metal Reporter.


The Funniest Macbook Review Ever!

Alright, hold on… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Totally unprofessional, but I can’t stop laughing AT ALL!!)

Ok, I am a solid Apple hater. I hate every single old or new product they have ever made. To me, it’s all pointless, over priced pieces of junk. And that’s just my own opinion. Even though, I found this new Macbook Pro 15 review damn hilarious! (and quite demeaning to the Macbook…).

If I would have reviewed a Mac, I would have at least made sure that I knew what the hell I was talking about. Yes I’m a hater, but I base it on constructive arguments. This dude over here, has 3 Macbook Pro’s, an iPod Nano, an iPhone, and he can’t seem to know ANYTHING about either of them. He couldn’t even get the names right! (And he secretly has a fetish for diapers – check out the first website that was open!)

Anyways, check this awesome list out! (Spoiler: Read ONLY while watching the video)

– He doesn’t know what aluminum is. Aluminum feels like shiny plastic, and glass feels like aluminum… WHAT?!!

– He doesn’t know a Macbook Pro isn’t called an Apple Pro.

– He doesn’t know why the new trackpad was made of glass.

– 300GB hard disks don’t exist! Umm… Glue! Lasers? Star wars? What?!!

– It clicks loud, disturbing while watching movies at nigh! I don’t wanna even try to understand! – He wants a few inches shaved off the sides. Few inches? Get a Macbook 13!!

– How the hell does the keyboard imply that the notebook has no graphics card? How the hell could a computer NOT HAVE A GRAPHICS CARD! What is the screen for then?

– He think’s a built in Nvidia graphics card is used for stuff that requires high graphics, like SPREADSHEETS! (So much for being a “cool” Mac user!)

– The screen is GLASS, not GLOSSY backlit LCD of course. He knows better.

– He apparently uses computers while driving a car with the top down (don’t ask me, I’m surprised too!) – He doesn’t know what a remote does!

– Why is he sticking stuff to the screen? Its a laptop, not a fridge!!

– He couldn’t construct 2 proper sentences on what an iPhone does (even I could do that! – with hate, but still)!

– Wow the iPhone, iPod, and Apple remote work well with the Mac!!!! I’m pretty sure an iPod works and syncs with any computer with iTunes!!! Oh yeah, he tried iTunes on the new thing, and guess what, it works well! Woow! Really useful piece of information!

– Its better than a Dell, a Compaqt (what’s a compaqt?), and anything you but from RadioShack! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

– He needs a larger package because the laptop is larger… WHAT?!!! Talk about being green!! (And I think the new package is neat! …Yes, ME!)

– And he’s apparently Canadian… LOL!

Oh the list can get longer, I won’t bother. The video says it all!

He is dumber than Miss South Carolina, remember her?


So That’s What They Teach Kids!!

I stumbled upon this while Youtube surfing, I’ve got to say as much as this is disturbing, just when I try to think about the number of kids that watched it, I’ve got to say it’s hilarious as hell!!!

So apparently, this is what they taught British kids back in the day haha!



Trying Out Windows Live Writer!

I am a loyal Windows user. Yes, I’m a PC. I also can’t wait for Windows 7, and might as well be testing the betas (Khalilson is an Official Beta Tester), and take this from me, I am loving this even more!

The new Windows Live, with a lot of features that I will be covering later, has published a tool that is simply as awesome as it can get for bloggers. It is called Windows Live Writer, and come for free with the Windows Live bundle, that you can download from Windows Live, or CNET

And to be honest, I never tried Windows live spaces before, or any of their add-ons to Windows, but damn this is amazing!

I will not be getting into too much detail now, as I have an exam to study for, but right after I’m done experimenting with everything on Windows Live.

So if you’re a Windows XP SP2 user or above, go check the Windows Live Suite out, and discover it by yourself. If you want to wait for my review, well, you’re missing out! This is pure awesomeness!

Coming Up Next:

Koor: A Band That Lost My Respect ||| Documentary: Heavy Metal In Baghdad ||| Nokia XpressMusic Festival Cairo Reviewed!!

Support Scarab!

Scarab's Debut Album, Blinding the Masses, Out Soon! - - Vote for Scarab, the Egyptian Death Metal band for "Dubai Desert Rock" and 'With Full Force Germany".

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