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Wow! The tale of a blog.

I can’t get over how outdated this blog is. I can’t get over how outdated the posts on it are either. It’ like a mini time capsule that doesn’t contain enough detail for anything actually. Maybe because I haven’t been keeping it well, I know I haven’t.

Oh well, I think I got some kind of a push to start blogging again. It eats up a lot of my time, which I spend doing nothing mostly but I always convince myself I’m doing something useful.

I’ve also been spoiled by my Blackberry, I feel that my typing on the computer is slower than ever. It’s been ages since I even used the PC. Everything I need is in that freak of a phone!

So, what exactly am I gonna do with this blog? I have no freakin clue. All I know is that I just linked it to Tumblr for some reason. Like I need two blogs already. Who cares, do you? I also lost most of my traffic because I’ve been away for so long. I don’t even know if somebody’s gonna read this. I don’t even have links up here, let alone absolutely no clicks. But I don’t give a damn really. I’m just putting my thoughts down, anyone’s welcome to read the crap I blabber out.

I’ve been active on Twitter like never before for a while now. You’re welcome to follow me @Halawaty

Other than that, I’m gonna try kicking back every once in a while, think of something witty or meaningful to write, and come spill it all out in here. So watch out for my dumbness!

On a not-so-very unrelated note, this blog needs a serious makeover! Maybe in the summer, I’m to busy to fire up Photoshop and Illustrator and start designing anything new.


This blog aint personal no more!

I’m tired of thinking of what to write on this blog. Every time I think of posting something personal I get tired of thinking. I have a lot going on in my life and I either can’t decide what to put down and what not to, or I just have trouble remembering things and writing down hopes, expectations or thoughts.

So basically, I decided not to post anything personal. I don’t know how this would help the blog and my blogging experience, since it’s already been on hold for so long. My other problem has been that I’m too lazy to write about events and what not, since I’m even lazier at promoting the blog, since there’s actually no direct benefit to me from all that.

So is it personal? Is it not? I have no clue. All I know is that I’ll be back to posting. Either here or on Tumblr, but I’ll have to do something about it, because sometimes I just need to blabber about something somewhere, but I don’t.

Let’s see where this take me.

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