Infliktora, a name given to a lot of things… Without going into detailed meanings, it basically means that I will make you suffer and impose what I believe in on you, and you can’t escape. You can run but you can’t hide.

We go by this name while blogging. We blog about everything, no particular theme. We see the world around me and write about it. You will find a lot of posts about music, especially hard rock and metal, and you will also find a lot of posts about Egypt and our personal lives. Its how we let it all out, through this blog.

This blog is written by 2 of the “mad” people that you may come across while living on our beloved earth, Moey Halawaty and Salah Khalil (a.k.a. Khalilson).

We don’t think, we just write, so there you go. Enjoy our mindless not-so-cool-but-awesome blog!


Coming Up Next:

Koor: A Band That Lost My Respect ||| Documentary: Heavy Metal In Baghdad ||| Nokia XpressMusic Festival Cairo Reviewed!!

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