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Going Back. End of an Era.

With well under 4 days away from me leaving Ukraine forever and going back to Egypt, I am psyched! I can’t wait. I already packed my suitcase and everything..!!!

But again, my usual issue with leaving, is that I remember how much I will miss those folks up here, the best friends I ever had for a long time, if not in my entire life. Wait, no, they are the best bunch of friends I ever had in my life. Especially the ones I was really close to, Patrick, Maisa, and Samy. And by “close” I meant that I was technically living in those guys rooms.

They say you never know the true person until you have lived with them, or traveled with them abroad. Well, here we are, I have lived with them for almost my entire time here, and we are abroad, and not just away from home, we’re in the shittiest country you can ever imagine, Ukraine! Yes, I figure if Ukrainian people ever stopped by to read my blog I would be hunted down and killed, but that’s the truth to me. Kharkov is a shit-hole, and that’s my humble opinion (along with almost everyone here, if not all).

So apart from the whole Ukraine issue, I can’t wait for the moment I get off the plane and smell the breeze of Cairo. They say every country has a smell, and I think that’s true. I know that there is a distinct smell for every country, I remember them really well (although I do have a crappy memory)…

I really remember how Amsterdam smelled, and how Paris, London, and Edinburgh smelled too. And of course, Egypt (the best smell in the world), and Saudi Arabia.
And don’t think that by the smell of Egypt I mean the car exhausts and the pollution of the big city, you can find those in virtually everywhere in the world, take London for an example lol. Or by the stupid humidity that covers up almost everything in Jeddah. No, I meant that this smell is the first thing you smell when you get off the plane. Yep! That one!

I can’t wait, I really can’t!!!

One more thing, to everyone that I know here in Ukraine, this is the last week for me here, and just in case we never meet again, Stiffy, Hind, Inder, Canada, Shasha, Tooks, El Gordito, Chio, Kelly, Dardour, Loushyy, Aman, and everyone else I know here, you guys were the best. Thanks for making this not as shitty as I expected, I have no idea how I would have survived here if it weren’t for you guys.


The First Real Metal Concert In Egypt. Its Vader!!

This is about one of the greatest Death Metal bands in history. One of the only few bands that was able to sustain and remain ON FIRE for as long as 25 years. We’re speaking about the famous Polish metal band VADER. The best selling European Death Metal band ever.

Vader, touring to celebrate their 25th anniversary, will stop by in Egypt, for a first time performance! The progress is great, from the government banning metal music a few years ago, to now, when real international bands are performing in Egypt!

And, opening for them will be 3 great bands, Nervecell (all the way from Dubai) as well ass Dark Philosophy and Worm! Isn’t this amazing!!

Just like Tiesto and David Guetta came like a gazillion times for techno/house fans, Craig David for RnB fans, and others whom have been making the best concerts in the region, its time for Metal fans to get something..! And its April 11th of this year. It will be huge!

Plus, this gig is organized by a friend of mine, Ahmed Gamal! I seriously applaud Ahmed Gamal and Sammy Sayyed for their work on the metal scene in Egypt so far!! Egypt Metal Gates, Music Gates, and Metal Accord are simple amazing you guys… Its worth mentioning that Sammy Sayyed is the Vocalist for the band Scarab (formerly HateSuffocation) one of the best Metal bands in Egypt, and have performed in this years Dubai Desert Rock Festival ’08.

Oh, and by the way, the flyer above is the official flyer for the event, and is designed by MEEEEEEE!! 😛 (what do u think??)

Too bad I won’t be able to make it to this concert either, as I am still stuck in Ukraine. I can’t love this country more!


My Starbucks & Snickers. Rumors.

Some time about a year ago (specifically in May) , Masterfoods Inc., producer of Mars, M&M’s, Snickers, Bounty, Twix, announced that their chocolates will not be suitable for vegetarians.

Masterfoods said it had started to use animal product “Rennet” (a chemical -enzyme- sourced from calves’ stomachs) to make its chocolate products. They said the change was due to it switching the sourcing of its ingredients and the admission was a “principled decision” on its part.
–BBC News Website

i didn’t get annoyed at the time, because I’m not a vegetarian, in fact I like calves’ meat.
Why am I bringing this up? Let me ask a question first… What are calves?

The term “Calf” is most commonly used to refer to the young of cattle. A cattle calf is the offspring of a cow and a bull This terminology is also used for other species where the young is called a calf. Those are bison, camels, dolphins, elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, moose, rhinoceroses, whales, and yaks.

Do you see the words Pig/Pork in this? Because I don’t. Does any of the information above even hint to the use of pork? So now, in March 2008, and I get an email saying that Masterfoods’ products are “Haram” and no suitable for consumption by Muslims because they are using Pork in it… shoudln’t I flip off???

And apparently, for their use of pork, God has punished them and gave us a sign… which is that those new bars went bad really quickly and grew fungus even in their wrapping!!!! WOOOOOOOOW!!!!

Bleaah!!!! You go on circulating wrong rumors about my favorite chocolate, and criticize me when you see me eating a Snickers bar because of some stupid lunatic who started a chain email that has been forwarded to you!! No thanks.

I did buy Masterfoods’ chocolates from Saudi Arabia well through 2007, months after they started using calves’ Renet. KSA doesn’t let in any Non-Halal products by the way.

And another funny thing about that email, was in a list of Masterfoods’ products, try to guess what was on the list… KIT KAT and LION!!! So that big ass Nestle logo on the picture didn’t click in you head before attaching it to the false email, Mr RumorGuy!!!! Some people have reached a level way beyond self-inflicted retardedness!!!

Just like the Starbucks boycotters who believed the rumor that they support the Israeli Millitary… Arabs usually believe everything and anything, and they just go with the flow with any rumor involving a corporate name along with the word ”Israel” or the word “Pork”…

They seriously get to my nerves. I found a note on the Starbucks website operated by AL-Shaya (the franchisee of Starbucks in the Middle East, Turkey and Russia) that states that the rumors are not true. Showed them to people and the response I got was that Al-Shaya was trying to improve their image in the middle east so they wouldn’t loose revenue… So I dug deeper and found the same page on the original Starbucks website that says:

Rumor Response: Misinformation on Israeli Armed Forces Support

You may have heard a rumor or seen a web posting linking Howard Schultz and Starbucks with the Israeli Armed Forces.

These allegations are false.

As the premier purveyor of the finest coffee and with stores in over 37 countries around the world, Starbucks customers are people of diverse ethnic, income and age groups. Our primary focus is delivering the best customer experience. Starbucks is a non-political organization and does not support political causes.

If you don’t believe me, here’s the link:

American corporates PROUDLY state that they support Israel IF THEY DO, but Starbucks has denied it. This has been going on for a year and a half now, and I’m sick of it!!

Howard Schulz [who is Jewish, but his] alleged funding of Israel is theoretically not possible, he is the Starbucks CEO (that is chief executive officer – in other words). He DOES NOT control the company’s income, he might be giving money to Israel from his own money, but thats his business.

The fact that they donated a store to serve the American military in Iraq is that the company is American after all, and it will support its country’s troops wherever they are.

So people please use your heads, and do some research and Googling, before you go on believing everything you hear!! Jeez!!!!

I am a Starbucks fan boy and for me if some one decides to believe the rumors and stop enjoying the best coffee ever, I will not.
And I will still eat Snickers and Enjoy my colroful M&Ms, and not share my 2 Twix bars!!

Stupid people should be eradicated from Earth!!

sources: my brain and (wikipedia) (bbc news) (moeys)


Realization… I ♥ ME!!

(Does the heart in the title look gay? – I don’t care…)

I have gotten into a weird state of extra self confidence and self-love… Its kind of freaking me out!! I suddenly love myself for no apparent reason! Hmmm… I don’t think I’ve got this feeling ever before!! like, I’d rather not be someone else. I love being me! Where was that feeling back in 8th grade, when I seriously wished I was anyone on earth except for ME! This gradually changed over time to become “I LOVE ME!’… Weird isn’t it??

Anyways, another thing I wanted to write about in a long time was the fact that “shat” IS a word, its the past tense of “shit”!! Can you believe that!! Also, “commonest” ISN’T a word you bloody Russians!!! I seriously need a break or my English language knowledge will be ruined for life! I’m already scarred enough from the Russianized English I’ve been hearing for more than 4 months now!!!

Another interesting fact about life… Samsung mp3 players (not talking about high end models, just 2GB flash memory stick-like weird players) sound waaaay better than iPods (quality wise)… I compared it to a 30GB iPod video and it beat the crap out of the iPod I must say. Call me an Apple hater (which I am)… but this doesn’t change the truth. Don\t believe me? Head to the electronics store near you and try it for yourself. I never believed in Korean electronics, and especially Samsung (LG could pull it through), but this time I had to admit it…

Anyways its SONY all the way for me!!! My purple [NWA3000] Mp3 Walkman and my white [MDR-NC22] Noise-Canceling Earbuds are all what I need!! My gear is “the shit” people… TRUST ME!! 😛

And the best part is that my Walkman is sold out of everywhere on earth even… and finding it is like finding Kryptonite or something, and my headphones aren’t available everywhere and people freak out when they see them!!! They think I’m coming from space!!! A player with a screen that comes out of nowhere, and a freaky pair of headphones that make them virtually in another world!!

I was gonna get a pair of Skull Candy from Virgin Megastore last summer, but… WHO CARES!!!

So how did this turn into a gadget thing? I don’t know. Basically what I’m trying to say here is that I love myself, I love my life, and I love my stuff!!! I think I’m a happy guy now 🙂

Enough for now… I actually had nothing in mind now, and ju
st started chucking in random thoughts 🙂


B for Bored As Hell!!!

Soo, being bored and really really tired of sleeping too much and having nothing to do in this screwed up holiday, as well has having multiple RSI injuries and backache from sitting all day on that desk with the laptop over it, I just have nothing to do (or say… apparently).

Anyways, heres some stuff:

1. I’ve been cited on because Mona liked the idea that I got “inspired” to do something from a blog entry she wrote earlier and stuff… Anyways if I wanna continue, I’d just be repeating what she said there, so why don’t you just go read what she had to say and the comment, and you’ll know what i wanna say…
Rebellious Arab Girl >> This Makes Me A Happy Blogger!

2. My back has been hurting for the past 2 weeks, and no matter what I do, even get off the computer/desk for a couple of days, didn’t help. I think I’m growing old, and I’m barely 18 yet!!! I need a doctor 😐

3. Since I have no TV here, I started watching shows ac they’re scheduled in the US, and not a year later like we had back home, by downloading each episode as its out, so we (me and my friends) are lagging a day or two (download time :P). This can’t be good, because when I get back home I’ll stay for a whole year without Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, and Criminal Minds (if they show that back home to begin with) ; because I would have seen all those seasons already! This is worthless but I wanted to mention it for no reason.

4. I missed Beavis and Butt Head so much that I’m actually attempting to download some of its seasons, but can’t find all. I guess I’m gonna buy the DVD when I get back home. Amazon baby!!! Damn you MTV bring it back!!! (10 years late, I know but this show is irreplaceable!!)

5. As I have nothing to do, I think I’ll start the winter hibernation soon, but I have a problem. I have nothing to hibernate on, I have to go out daily for food, and I have no shows to watch while I’m hibernating! No supplies, no hibernation 😦

I guess thats it… for now..!
This was a really useless post!


Time For Some Rebellion!

Don’t hold me up now,
I can stand my own ground,
I don’t need your help now,
You won’t let me down, down, down!
— Prayer of the Refugee (Rise Against)

The greatest people I ever met are those who are willing to listen.
I couldn’t agree more.

That’s why I tend to like listening to people, – and I have been told I’m a good listener – hoping that I would get this favor back in return in my time of need, but I’m usually turned down. Now I only listen to the people who deserve, but even those, sometimes turn me down.

Sometimes its hard to find people to open up to and trust. Till this day, I haven’t found someone who can do it, and till I do so (if I ever do), my blog (and personal diary) will be the only things I open up to.

I was checking my RSS feeds, and I came across a blog entry that reminded me of pretty much what I was feeling and thinking about, a couple of days ago.
This was my reply to her. She pretty much said all what I had to say, in her own way. Though we might have personality differences, she still got it right for me.

Some people are really not worth listening to, or giving any attention. They seem really nice and everything, and they might actually be nice people, but they just don’t know when to get involved, when to step in and help a friend in need. Actually, they don’t even think about it.

I wouldn’t say I’m not a people’s person, I am. I have contacts, not friends. Maybe Classmates, group mates, people I know from university, spend some time with them, and thats it. But for my friends, I’m a kind of selfish person. I’d have a small circle of friends around me, whom I share with a lot of things, and expect the same back. This never happens. I know people among my friends whom, if I disappear this very second, they’d ask once and then forget about it, and they probably know way more about me than I know about them. Call me naive, but thats how I am.

Most of the time, I get upset over that, but really, thats how it is and how everyone is. I just have some trouble accepting it. I expect everyone to listen to me, just the way I listen to them when they have problems, and expect them to do me favors just about as much as I do them, but it doesn’t really work that way. And if I stop being Mr. Really really nice, I’d feel they think of me as a rude person, because I’m either really nice of really rude, and balancing isn’t for me.

So what did I gain out of all that? A couple of really close friends (and yes, they turn me down too), and a handful of good friends, and a ton of people I only “know, and that pretty much is it.

I don’t know how to deal with it, and really I don’t need to deal with it. This doesn’t mean I’m wrong, it only means that I wont be needy anymore.
From now on, its Me, Myself and I. Thats how things should work from now on.

Thanks Mona for bringing this up 🙂

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